#flyathome - The 360° VR-Challenge for the whole family
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Summer is just around the corner and you finally want to travel again?
The VR Drone Spherie sends you on a virtual SkyTrip over Hamburg. You can create your own flying object out of a cardboard box and win a trip for the whole family to the Virtual Reality Head Quarters in Hamburg's Speicherstadt. Let your creativity run wild and experience the most beautiful city in the world from dizzying heights from the comfort of your own home! #flyathome #dreamnowtravellater #hamburgahoi 
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Fly over Hamburg in a moving box

Check out the 360° overflight over Hamburg on Youtube here

For the best experience grab a Google-Cardboard or VR-Glasses for the flight. But you can also do it easily with a smartphone, tablet or computer. To make the whole thing a bit more entertaining, put yourself in a moving box - your flying object.

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Join our contest and win

The 360° VR Challenge for the whole family

A moving box is too boring for the flight over our beautiful Hanseatic city? Then grab a cardboard box (about the size of a moving box) and think about what a cool flying object could look like. Make exactly this flying object out of your cardboard box and take a picture of it - best while you sit in the box and watch the 360° video. To participate in the raffle, send your photo with the subject "Flyathome" to flyathome@spherie.com by 1.6.

Exciting prizes are inviting you to explore Hamburg in real. Suggestions for your next visit to Hamburg can be found online at www.hamburg-travel.com.


About the contest

All photos are evaluated and the family/person who has made the most creative flying object wins.

First prize:
The winner - will receive a free 2-hour guided tour through the Virtual Reality Head Quarter (VRHQ) Hamburg as well as a 3-day HamburgCard for up to 5 people.

During the guided tour through the VRHQ the whole family can experience the many great virtual reality applications. There you can fly with SkyTrip over Hamburg or other breathtaking places. You immerse yourself in the world of research with a tour through space & time, the universe and the particle accelerator Desy. You will discover virtual worlds and learn about our beautiful Hamburg at the same time. The HamburgCard is the tourist card for Hamburg. The 3-day group ticket offers free bus & train travel and reduced admission to over 150 offers for up to five people.

2nd - 5th price
For all participants who take second to fifth place, we give away a 3-day HamburgCard for groups of up to 5 people.

Please note:
Participation is free of charge and without any guarantee. The date of the main prize will be arranged after consultation with the responsible persons and the winner. The HamburgCard will be sent to the winners by mail. By sending us your photo, you agree that it can be published on our online platforms, on the website and on the social media channels of our cooperation partners and that no costs or claims can be made for it. The exact conditions of participation can be found here again.

By sending in a photo with the e-mail in the subject photo contest you agree to the conditions of the contest. You can find the exact conditions of participation here.